Crash Survivable Recorder-Memory Unit, RO-647/ASH-40

The CSRMU shown at left includes the optional 37kHz acoustic beacon.  The CSRMU can be used separately, or installed as an integral part of the AN/ASH-40 Structural Data Recording Set.

Key Benefits
  • Designed to:
    • EUROCAE ED-55 and ED-56A
    • TSO-C-123a and TSO-C-124a
      • Impact: 3,400g, 6.5 ms
      • Submersion: 20,000 feet
      • Static Crush: 5,000 lb., 5 min.
      • Fire: 1,100ºC, 30 min., 260ºC, 10 hrs.
      • Fluid Immersion: 48 hours
Summary Specifications
Input Voltage: +28 VDC
Power Consumption: <15 Watts
Weight: <8 pounds
Memory Capacity: 8 to 16M bytes
Audio Capacity: 4 x 40 minutes
Frequency Response: 300Hz to 5.0kHz (cockpit)
300Hz to 3.3kHZ (headset)
Input Impedance: 10k ohms
Flight Data Capacity: 40 Minutes
Electrical Interface: RS-232, RS-422
Operating Environment: -40ºC to +71ºC